Taiwan defense department refuted the "low-cost sale of military land" questioned that the appropriate treatment

The use of the defense department
According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" reported that some people in Taiwan questioned the military "to a low price out of military land" Taiwan Defense Department spokesman Luo Shao and today to clarify, and the facts do not match, the Taiwan military review Plan to abolish the unit or not applicable to the camp, everything is appropriate to deal with. Taipei City Councilor Xu Shuhua recently questioned in the city council, Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe planning 4 years cover 20,000 homes, and actively to the "central" grab land, Taiwan defense department in time before the departure of Ma Ying-jeou, one after another at low prices out of the military To the sale of 19 land, the sale of land and 48 pen, I hope the city government and actively communicate with the "central" to see is to land for the land, paid to use, or jointly build, let the Taiwan defense department to suspend the sale , Otherwise let the consortium buy, Taipei City prices will only be higher and higher. Taiwan Defense Department spokesman Luo Shao and interviewed today that the relevant questions and the facts do not match, should be caused by misunderstanding. Taiwan defense department that the use of the defense department of the camp, are based on the law to manage, maintain, punish or activate the treatment. For example, with the major construction of Taiwan, local development or sightseeing needs, without affecting the principle of defense and combat readiness, timely review of the camp to release operations to take into account the security, "local construction" and "livelihood needs." Taiwan Defense Department pointed out that in recent years due to the Taiwan military troops reduced, the defense department to "small camp and the camp area" and "urban areas to move to the suburbs or the other battalion and other camps" and other principles, review plans to abolish the unit or not applicable camp, The law stipulates that the change of non - public property to the transfer of "domestic agency" to take over or dial the local authorities at all levels to use, everything is appropriate to deal with. In addition, Luo Shaohe said that with the recruitment of funds and raise funds to reform the financial resources, the review has no use of the planned construction land, the transfer of "domestic department", according to the law (activation or punishment), money are invested in the reform fund, To rebuild old camps with special funds. Luo Shaohe further stated that the land operated by the "Reform Fund" is part of the public land and its handling principle must be handed over to the "Agency" according to the law after the termination of the land service. After review and evaluation by the department, Plan the activation of treatment and the duration of the relevant income income injection fund reform, to improve the Taiwanese old camps and facilities to enhance the quality of life of officers and men.

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