Toyota Nissan's global recall of 6.5 million car airbags is not safe

Resulting in a global recall of the total number of cars will be more than 30 million which involved the Chinese market at least 570,000
According to the last year, Push the cusp. Subsequently, it is triggered by a global car recall, involving Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, GM, Ford and other dozens of multinational mainstream car prices sold more than 2,500 cars, which, Takada's large customer days Car as hardest hit, as of the end of last year, only Honda recalled more than 1300 million. Recently, Takada air bag door again fermentation, Toyota, Nissan two companies launched a global recall, involving 6.5 million cars. The recall, involving the Chinese market at least 570,000 vehicles. The global scope of the high airbag safety issue was recalled the car is now over 30 million, has become the largest car recall so far. Toyota announced the recall of about 5 million May 13, Toyota announced the global recall of a total of about 5 million vehicles equipped with high-air balloon, involving Corolla, Vizi and other 35 models, including the Japanese market 1.36 million, the European market 127 Million, the US market 637,000, the Canadian market 180,000, recall the vehicle production date from March 2003 to November 2007. Toyota spokesman said the recall of the vehicle without any car accident or casualties reported that the purpose of the recall is to detect the investigation. On the same day, Nissan also announced the same issue in the global recall of 1.56 million vehicles, saying there is no accident or injury report. Recalled vehicles, the European market 563,000, the North American market 326,000, the Japanese market 288,000 Yesterday, the State Administration of Quality Supervision official website issued a notice, said Tianjin FAW Toyota under the "defective automotive product recall management regulations" requirements, recently to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, a record of the recall plan. Tianjin FAW Toyota decided from June 12, 2015, recalled from January 1, 2004 to March 31, 2007 production of Vios, Corolla car. Tianjin FAW Toyota said that the part of the recall within the scope of the vehicle due to the reasons for the supplier, part of the vehicle co-pilot airbag deployment, the gas generator container may be damaged, resulting in debris flying, may hurt the car staff, there are security risks The Will be free to replace the co-pilot air pump gas generator for recall vehicles within the scope to eliminate security risks. Yangtze River Commercial Daily reporter called FAW Toyota sales company asked the recall details, the relevant responsible person said, "the owner can be in the co-pilot door weeks on the small nameplate to find the car's brand, model and production date, if it is in the FAW Toyota recall range Car, the owner can call the service hotline 800-810-1210,400-810-1210 to consult the company will be June 12 after the corresponding car recall. "The person in charge also said that the recall solution will be commissioned around the FAW Toyota distribution Business is responsible. So far the largest car recall since 2008, "Takada airbag door" surfaced, by 2014 the world's major car prices have been recalled more than 25 million high-sky airbag car. Coupled with the recall of 6.5 million, because of "Takada airbag door" caused by the global recall of the total number of cars will be more than 30 million, to date the largest car recall case. Previously, the large-scale car recall case also includes 1996 Ford's 7.9 million car recall, 2009 to 2011 Toyota "pedal door" (before and after more than 10 million), and 2012 due to the power window switch recall 7.4 million cars The While the 2014 "ignition switch door" caused the total number of recalled nearly 20 million. US Senator Bill Nelson said last month that the "Takada airbag door" also led to six accidents in Honda, including five in the United States and one in Malaysia, resulting in at least 105 cases of injuries. The future high-day airbag related recall size will be further expanded. On May 13, Toyota Nissan announced the recall at the same time, Honda also announced that it is ready to continue to recall the high-sky airbag car, but has not yet given a specific model. Previously, the relevant car prices have been called due to the quality of the high field airbag produced mainly from Takada Mexico factory, and the Chinese region of the accessories produced mainly from Takada China factory, so China did not involve a large area recall. Donation of more than 25 million high-day air bag car in 2014 The recall of 6.5 million "high-day airbag door" led to the total number of global recall vehicles will be more than 30 million which involved the Chinese market at least 570,000

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